Abitare In Maggiolina

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationMilano, Italy
CompanyDontstop Architettura
Lead ArchitectDontstop Architettura Michele Brunello and MArco Brega
Design TeamAlessandro Agosti with Zhang Xu, Olga Massaro, Jacopo Nori, Francesca Motta, Laura Di Donfrancesco, Corrado Longa BAEC Project managment: PM - Guido Albertalli, Alberto Pavan Structure Engineering: Studio PP8 MEP Engineering: AI Studio e AI engineering
ClientAbitare in s.p.a

The project of Maggiolina district, known as "Journalist village" of Milano, will be the new vibrant residential area in this previous abandoned zone to share a big park and facility with neighborhood. The demolition of the typography of Il Giorno Newspaper, an old and abbandoned (and illegaly occupied) industrial structure, will give the opportunity to realize top level residences, ecologically innovative buildigns, affordable housing and quality interventions for public space. This is a best practice of urban regeneration, because part of the cost will be supported by energy savings, due to the new "ecotechnological" approach to design, that will use underground water, sun, shadow and greenery to save costs of maintenence. Out of 10 thousand square meters of area, 7000 will be used as park. The two buildings, Sky tower and Maggiolina Gardens, will expand vertically saving free space for the park. One of the main aspect of the design concept is using different typology units with several combinations as well as their relationship with the outdoors to achieve a feeling of bright spatial openness and environmental comfort within the big private owned loggia.