[Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic - Luminous Minimal Refurbishment - COVER IMG] View towards a communal space_ Photo by Athina Souli

Luminous Minimal Refurbishment

Firm LocationΓλυφαδα,
CompanyArchitectural Studio Ivana Lukovic
Lead ArchitectIvana Lukovic
Design TeamAlexandra Arampatzi; Stanford Rabbit by Kostas Geranios and Orestis Mpormpantonakis
ClientVassiliki Grigoriadou and Iasonas Anagnostou

Limited budget refurbishment of the Luminous Minimal space has transformed the existing reality into the oneiric realm. The potential of natural light was enhanced through implementation of neutral pallet natural materials as a blank canvas for illumination effects. Two main parallel axes were established. One that erased boundaries between the private and public, connecting a communal space to the backyard garden, while the other being a multi-purpose unit that relates to a street side greenery. Slight alteration of already defined space was imposed to avoid excessive demolition of divisions.