[Cuaik CDS - Sequoia VJ - COVER IMG] Entrance hall/Celia Rojo

Sequoia VJ

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationMexico City
CompanyCuaik CDS
Lead ArchitectSantiago Cuaik
Design TeamAlejandra Suárez, María Zamudio, Andrea Castro, Andrea Rojo, Guadalupe Vargas

This project reflects our philosophy and meticulous methodology when it comes to designing spaces within walls. The sculptural staircase is the leading element of the project. The entrance hall is covered with wooden staves to emphasize the perspective and frame the staircase covered with brass sheets, making it look like a large-format artistic object. We intended to create singular spaces with significant features without setting aside a cohesive and comprehensive design approach using architecture, furniture and art to wrap spaces together.