Salazar Stables

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Design Team ARCHETONIC /Jaime Micha Balas & Jacobo Micha Mizrahi + ATIKO / Alberto Balas Mercado // Team: Alfredo Muñoz Jiménez, Angel Quintana
Project Videohttp://

The Salazar stables are located in an Equestrian Club in the East of Toluca, State of Mexico in a countryside area surrounded by nature and green sceneries. While designing the stables we took into account the site, orientation, materials and the dynamic of the users: riders and horses. In first hand, the stables were built as a temporary structure for the users to test functionality and check the dynamics of use. The conclusion of this experimentation was provided to us in order to project the permanent stables. We basically had to solve the right emplacement, a wise structure responsive to the site, and a practical beautiful building. Having in mind the cold weather of the area, the building has its long facades oriented East and West. We thought of thermic walls for the horse housing volumes, a timber structure and corrugated metal sheets for the roofing. We designed a light structure conformed by local timber that embraces the stable volumes and carries the pitched roofs that cover the central corridor, channeling the water towards a recycling system and letting sunlight all the way in for as many hours as possible. The project is sheltering 20 horses, 2 tack rooms for the riders to prepare, 2 spaces to get the horses prepared, 2 warehouses, a horse cleaning area and a car garage. With three different accesses the building can be completely sealed at night to ensure comfort temperature. The clubhouse is strategically placed in the middle of the building.