Gleneagles Shanghai International Hospital

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationSan Francisco, United States
Lead ArchitectPaul Woolford
Design Team William Roger Project Director Paul Woolford Design Principal Zhu ChenJie Project Director PROJECT/CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Riccardo Mascia INTERIORS Donald Cremers INTERIORS/HOSPITALITY Julia Monk MEDICAL PLANNING Peter Grandine V MEDICAL PROGRAMMING Shiva Mendez PLANNING Brian Jencek SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Zorana Bosnic LANDSCAPE Chris Fannin
ClientParkway Health

The new, private, Gleneagles Shanghai International Hospital will primarily serve the needs of a rapidly growing affluent population in Shanghai. To understand the project, HOK conducted a thorough study of the design brief and the project’s functional, aspirational and technical aspects. The design needed to take into account current and future challenges in regional healthcare including the “silver tsunami” where there is a growing elderly population, an increasing complexity in the delivery of healthcare, and rapid changes in healthcare technologies, models of care, and society’s expectations of standards in healthcare delivery. The building is inspired by the beauty and performance of nature. The architectural design concepts weave the efficiencies and rigor of biology with the appealing, soothing and restorative qualities of natural forms, including soft, organic turns and colors. The exterior material palette includes both textured earthen materials and smooth finished surfaces. The building podium is enveloped by an earthen hillside, while the patient towers and central core are clad in glass and light-colored metal panels. On the interior, the central public atrium includes warm limestone flooring, glass panels, and wood screens to provide a soothing and peaceful color palette and restful healing environment. The siting and shaping of building masses were informed by a solar analysis that optimizes access to daylight and wind. The gentle curves of the massing reduce sharp corners and allow for the easy flow of space, air, and light.