Cancer Prevention Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationMilano, Italy
CompanyOttavio Di Blasi & Partners
Lead ArchitectOttavio Di Blasi
Design TeamPaolo Simonetti Daniela Tortello Marzia Roncoroni Emanuel Pozzoni
ClientLILT Biella
Project Videohttp://

Italian League against Canter Prevention Center 2016 Biella (Italy) Development: 2,700 sq.m Site area: 6,000 sq.m Construction Cost: 4,500,-- K€ The building hosts all the medical facilities for LILT ( Italian League Against Cancer). The facades are sheltered by a custom made ceramic terracotta cladding that provides the necessary privacy for doctor offices as well as protection against the sun. Ceramic is long lasting, ecological, self-cleaning and easy maintainable. The clean, light and welcoming atmosphere generated by the building is perfectly consistent with values of efficiency, carefulness s and environmental consciousness of LILT. The two unsymmetrical wings are articulated by a central core dedicated to the reception and the vertical circulation.