Healthland Pharmacy

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationAthens,
Project Videohttp://

The direction of Healthland Pharmacy wanted to impart a fresh feel to the pharmacy; and it happened! The philosophy of this pharmacy is breakthrough and the implementation of the project was taken over by ACAD (Advanced Commercial Architecture and Design). It was clear from the very first moment that simplicity, absolute white, efficiency, sharp lines, great lighting and clear space organization would be the dominant elements of this pharmacy. A visitor will have a unique experience while entering the pharmacy, as the furnishing is either placed on the walls or on bases made of glass, giving the impression that it is soaring. The use of glass as a separating surface, as well, adds to the soaring illusion and simultaneously, it lets natural light spread throughout the whole shop. Thus, the pharmacy is defined by clarity, gracefulness and beautiful brightness. The white color that prevails on the walls and furnishing aims to place focus on the products displayed, thus making it easier to track them. The adaption of the less-is-more theory leads the visitor of Healthland Pharmacy to feel that everything he needs is around him, approachable, easy to pry on and make a choice in turn. White predominates on the exterior of the Pharmacy as well, on the alcubond plating. The plating was specifically designed, as it imprints perforated holes in the shape of pharmaceutical capsules, which is the distinctive element of the pharmacy’s logo. This technique was used for the first time in Cyprus. The use of this type of plating creates a marvelous effect during daytime and night, as well. In the morning it lets natural light come in and fill the room beautifully, while creating the necessary shade and in the night, the light coming from the pharmacy is spread out through the perforated holes in small, unique shapes, offering an eyeful to the passengers.