Residential and Nursing Home Rosenhügel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationHochdorf, Switzerland
CompanyBlgp Architekten Ag
Lead ArchitectPinar Gönül
Design TeamLukas Bucher
ClientResidio AG
Project Videohttp://

The annex with the main entrance ties in with the existing structures. The open foyer leads on to all public facilities on the new ground floor and all nursing wards. The angular construction creates a courtyard between the old and new buildings which serves as the new centre of the complex. The new building is marked by its facade of exposed masonry. Deliberate simplicity informs both interior and exterior, with exposed concrete, limestone and oak ensuring clear aesthetics. Bricks are used inside the chapel as well, providing a sense of security in this room of devotion. The entire complex is compact by design, but thanks to panoramic windows fantastic views open up from every spot.