Residential and Dental Practice Immler

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationDornbirn, Austria
CompanyARSP ZT GmbH
Lead ArchitectAlbert Rüf and Frank Stasi
Design Team Nicholas Thiele, Matthias Duffner
ClientMichaela and Robert Immler
Project Videohttp://

The new residential and commercial building is is located in the town of Hard, next to Lake Constance in Austria. The client approached the the architects with the desire for them to design a three-story apartment building. The ground ground floor of which would contain his business business premises. At first glance, the shape of the house appears appears eccentric. This angular form arose as as a direct result of two factors. Firstly, a crowded main street to the southern side of of the plot and secondly a wish of the client client to be able to enjoy a private but sun filled filled garden throughout the day. Consequently Consequently, the façade facing the street is is wide and closed. Here, ribbon windows are utilised utilised for internal lighting whilst at the same time maintaining a high standard of privacy privacy. Despite the close proximity of some of of the neighbouring buildings, the apartments apartments achieve a feeling of complete seclusion seclusion. In contrast the large terrace-like like cantilever balconies of the apartments protrude protrude far from the main building to create create an element of extravagance. Cantilevered concrete canopies are used to mark mark the entrances of the commercial and private sections in the ground floor. The south south facing reception area of the dentist practice practice is highlighted using large shop window window-like glazing and deliberately comfortably comfortably furnished. The apartments are accessed separately through through the east side entrance. The first floor floor houses two separate apartments, which can can be combined, if required, into one large apartment apartment. Situated on the top floor is the owners owners’ apartment. A sequence of open spaces and and various visible construction materials - concrete concrete, brick, plaster and wood –come together together to create the feel of a generously refurbished refurbished loft apartment. Concrete is used to to create the complex pitched roof that spans spans the entire living space, forming an impressive impressive static structure entirely from concrete concrete plates.