45 Pottinger Street

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
CompanyHenderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
Lead ArchitectDennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects
ClientHenderson Land Development Co. Ltd. & Hip Shing Hong Group

45 Pottinger Street is a pioneering leisure development demanding the highest level of flexibility for future possibilities. Being a skyscraper development dedicated to dining experience, it is a new formula for space planning, façade innovations, functional programming, and building management coming together to give the most effective piece of architecture and a new entertainment lifestyle. Traditionally retail activities at pedestrian level has dominated street lives of this quarter of Hong Kong city. 45 Pottinger Street has taken advantage of the building form, interstitial spaces, coupled with a kinetic façade treatment that extends internal restaurant experience to exterior city landmark, social and cultural vistas throughout the building height. The driving concept is connecting this hidden location with existing heritage, art and cultural destinations in the neighborhood into a vertical wine-&-dine street. The project targets for boutique establishments, exquisite cuisines and flagship eateries by selective cooks and restaurateur. 45 Pottinger Street contains two blocks of accommodation. High block has 24 storeys of 12,486 sqm. Low block has 11 storeys of 2,215 sqm. A link-bridge at level 11 connects the two blocks with direction access to the roof terrace of Low Block as an external sky-garden. This area of Hong Kong is known for ultra- high densities and compact business nature. This project is designed to set a new standard as the leading catalyst for a functional transformation of a city block, upgrading the neighborhood to modern day social activities and entertainment standard. One major character of 45 Pottinger Street, is its highly perfected balance between commercial exposure, and the subtle softening of urban impact with the use of building set-back, piazza creation and carving up ground level to maintain the original alley-way character of the local city block.