[Messana O’Rorke  - Horatio Street - COVER IMG] Stephen Kent Johnson

Horatio Street

Firm Location, United States
Project locationNew York, New York USA
CompanyMessana O’Rorke
Lead ArchitectBrian Messana and Toby O’Rorke
Design TeamBrian Messana, Toby O’Rorke and Viktor Nassli

The tiny New York City apartment emphasizes that bigger isn't always better. The design portrays a calm essence, and the apartment is a safe haven from the city. Focusing on the apartment's history and the modern-day, the design scheme is a variation of an earlier project, in which the bed-chamber is an independent volume floating within an open space. The kitchen has oak cabinets that match the floorboards. The bathroom features a custom vanity and marble floors. The result is an apartment with subtle architectural details that offer a variety of experiences.