Dumankaya Complex

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationIstanbul, Turkey
CompanyÖney Architecture
Design TeamMustafa Oney Kerem Gurbuzer Hande Oney Gozde Oney
ClientDumankaya Construction

About 13,800 sqm lot area, located in Kadikoy neighborhood of Istanbul, the complex lot faces dense highway routes and buildings. The project is formed by two blocks with a courtyard in between separating the complex from the rest of the chaotic surroundings. It is designed as two different blocks for commercial and office programs. Below grade and upper floors are offices while the densest areas entry levels, is separated for commercial use. A form with a grid system is placed on the lot in order to create useful and flexible office areas. 16m x 16m grid system generates the structure and space division. Parts were removed and added to the grid to provide daylight in the interior, entry and exit spaces and avoid resulting in a massive solid structure. The elliptical shaped void in the middle provides equal daylight to enter to each floor while the social areas opening to the void, the ground floor is transformed into a public space. Entrance of the offices, vehicle circulation and garage entrance is located on this area. The level difference between roads is taken as an advantage to create two different entrances and circulation routes for vehicles and pedestrians as well as for the commercial and residential users. By this way a common area is created to be used for general needs, away from chaos, protected from harsh weather and obtaining inside green areas. Ramp starting from the ground floor continues through second floor is another public space. While it is creating a circulation area around the stores it creates a line through ground floor to second floor for pedestrian, separating from the vehicle circulation. Additionally, a variety of operable and sustainable systems are applied on the facade of the two block that serve as separative mobile modules responding to day light.