Yao Jian Zhu Lounge

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationTaoyuan, Taiwan
CompanyGudc, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectDavid Hsiao

This Project is the public areas of a high- quality residential building. The design areas cover reception hall, lounge space, garden and recreation space on first through third floor. For an open and broad interior space, we chose elegant coarse stone as building material, interwoven with logical interior wall grill design. The space is filled with light and the reflection of water and green, creating a unique atmosphere that can only be felt from within. Harmonious combination of materials and wall grilles decorates the elevated interior space, giving a sense of aesthetics and magnificence to the interior setting. The surrounding walls are given a subtle character with the light carving designs on the surface; the space owns peaceful rather than loud expression. The carved surface reflects light and brings changing shadows in the space; human interaction with the environment now has a new definition. Every visitor here is free to discover the ever-changing expressions of light and shadow in the space and can fully enjoy the ambience conveyed through the context of natural building materials and the grey color tone in the vicinity.