Jade Eco Park

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationParis, France
CompanyPhilippe Rahm Architectes
Design Team Mosbach paysagistes Ricky Liu & Associates
ClientTaichung Government, Taiwan

The ambition of our project is to give back the outdoors to the inhabitants and visitors by proposing to create exterior spaces where the excesses of the subtropical warm and humid climate of Taichung are lessened. The exterior climate of the park is thus modulated so to propose spaces less hot (more cold, in the shade), less humid (by lowering humid air, sheltered from the rain and flood) and less polluted (by adding filtered air from gases and particle matters pollution, less noisy, less mosquitoes presence). The masterplan is based on climatic variations that we have mapped by computational fluid dynamics simulation (CFD): some areas of the park are naturally warmer, more humid and more polluted while some of them are naturally colder (because they are in the route of cold winds coming from the North), dryer (because protected from the south-west wind provinding humidity of the see in the air) and cleaner (faraway from the roads). In theses last naturally cooler, less humid and less polluted microclimates, we increase the coolness, the dryness, the cleaness by inventing a catalogue of climatic devices (natural and artificial) that reinforce areas that are already more comfortable by lowering, reducing, inverting, and diminishing the heat, humidity and pollution. These devices are classified in three categories: the cooling devices, the drying devices, the depolluting devices. The cooling devices are trees with specific qualities for cooling the atmosphere and apparatus working on meteorological phenomena like convection, conduction, evaporation or reflection in order to cool the air or directly the human body. The drying climatic devices which objectives are to protect the body from the rain and to reduce the excess of humidity in the air. The depolluting climatic devices reduce the atmopherical pollution in the air, the excess of the noise and presence of mosquitoes.