Design and Survival Between Earth and Water

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm Locationsheung wan, Hong Kong
CompanyOft Interiors Ltd.
Lead ArchitectCM Jao & Ken Cheung
ClientEmperor Motion Pictures
Project Videohttp://

The water and earth elements are exactly the media that lead us into the nature themed cinema in Hefei. To impress in the first place, the massive false ceiling ornamented by metal strips finish and concealed light troughs has lighted up the design theme, just as a dense series of contours on a map, mapping out a beautiful system of mountainous landscape. Yet the landscape is not randomly formed, if observes carefully, one may find the contours are escorting customers to the ticket office by their density (which represents gradient of slope); the corridor to theatres and large LCD screens for movie trailers act as the river channel that flows along mountain spurs, in order to express the main theme.