PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Lead ArchitectMarc Casany
ClientGeneralitat de Catalunya (Public Government)

The multipurpose building is a technology center, research center and an university for automotive. The building contains two program blocks that are associated with two different structural types allowing phased construction. This fact makes the building structure comes defined by the two "scales of the project" (human - industrial). If we compare the projected building relative to a conventional teaching center building, we see that have been incorporated different climate, energy and sustainable criteria, which make the CFPA is a teaching center highly technical. One example is found in the design of the main facade, an element of double skin extracted directly from the constructive solution of a car (chassis + bodywork); a facade design strategy is not linked to solving thermal requirements and Health, also responds to the acoustic conditions site by applying the "Helmholtz effect" on its design.