Little Wonder School

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Lead ArchitectSharif Uddin Ahammed
Design Team1. Syed Hossain Zulfikar 2. Raisa Sadia 3. Shaikh Ahmed Khan 4. Khondokar Swagota Rownak 5. Samanta Rahman
ClientLittle Wonder School
Project Videohttp://

The project has been considered like a pavilion, which will be the un-separated part of the pavilion. And for that the classrooms have been arranged in such a way so that the students can utilize the interior space as an open field. Instead of walls on both sides of the room the Architect has designed a removable door in such way which is easily operable and connects with outer space. As well as the classrooms become self-sufficient in terms of light and air flow. The Architect has considered a field in the design process of the school as well as every little space has been taken into serious consideration. For example, there is Amphitheater seating arrangement with a sand court, a banana tree court which can be seen from the piano room which also connects the backyard setback spaces. These setback spaces have been considered as an extension of the classroom. The client has leased the land for 5 years. After knowing it on the first place we fixed our ideas on a sense of temporarily basis. So hence the idea of ‘Bamboo’ came into our mind. It’s not like a trend but its locally available and its easy and fast constructional aspect made this material vernacular and the first choice regarding the construction period and the built aspect which we had to go through. Wall is designed with exposed brick keeping its original texture, doors have been made of wood, circulation floor has done with exposed brick and the classroom with colored NCF. Ceiling is totally made bamboo with G.I sheet coverings. Window is also done with glass and metal. Point to be noted that each and every material’s embodied energy is low and locally found, so transportation cost is also helped into the overall cost cutting.