Op Hudelen_Schifflange_Luxembourg

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationPétange, Luxembourg
CompanyAlleva Enzio Architectes & Associés
Lead ArchitectEnzio ALLEVA
Design TeamAlex WELSCHER
ClientAdmin. de SCHIFALANGE

Located beside the new district "Op Hudelen " the new House namesake relay which extends over an area of 3,100 square meters, gives the landscape a unique identity The building, built in 18 months and designed according to high energy efficiency criteria (low energy buildings), can accommodate 350 children and has 10 group rooms (each of which can receive between 25 and 30 children), 2 bathrooms evolution-room, library, kitchen production to 450 dishes, offices, nursing, technical rooms and storage room, as well as 3 outdoor areas, namely: playground, indoor recreation room and climbing wall. The basement and ground floor are made of prefabricated concrete walls; for the 1st and 2nd floors, the choice fell on the wooden construction. In order to contribute to the welfare of children and staff, the weight has been placed on green building materials with the following advantages: no toxic emissions, improving air quality, pleasant atmosphere. The facade was fitted with a wooden battens Larch stained to prevent climatic effects without additional maintenance. Acoustic measurements were also a key factor in achieving the relay House, particularly as regards the reduction of noise from the railway line nearby. On the one hand, side parts and corridors have been arranged along the rear facade as a buffer; on the other hand, prefabricated ceiling elements with integrated acoustic absorption were used. Similarly, group rooms have been oriented southeast side for optimal exposure. The central focus is accessed internal parts for diversified usages and composed of staggered modules providing children a sense of security and opening on the terraced roof. To enable children to move easily in this building with nooks and crannies, the use of color played a major role. Each stage has received its own color.