Catholic Ta Ren Girl'S High School

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
CompanyJmlin Architect/observer Design Group
Lead ArchitectJou Min Lin
ClientCatholic Ta Ren Girl's High School

Sited in Neihu, northern Taipei Basin with a plentiful array of mid-level hills and lakes sitting in between, Ta Ren Girl’s High School features a scenic greenery environment shaped by a surrounding skirt of hills and a pond at front. The project aims to remodel the masterplan to increase educational spaces that realize its Catholic core value - learning through experiences- in its inherent ecological context. In the new plan, all spaces are arranged in line with the hill backing the campus to take advantage of its indigenous natural beauty as part of the local eco-system. Everything from a newly built classroom building, a library to a reconstructed two-story round building as chapel and dormitory enables a closer bond between students and the environment. The classroom spaces are opened up on both sides with French window design, to induce fresh air for optimal wind circulation and ventilation of indoor spaces. The school architecture also benefit from its unique environment. The sets of grill shades effectively block the heat and allow in wind from different directions, making indoor space as cozy as the outdoor green. The library, redefined as a knowledge hub, is set to accommodate a full range of learning activities from reading, studying, to reading group discussion, movie watching, seminars, speech or lectures. The space is designed free from hefty, solid walls and thus transforms as activities vary. Indoor or outdoor, the school campus provides a perfect setting for students to enjoy their lives learning and exploring. In an architecture that fully embraces nature, we expect to see the young minds grow with knowledge and broader sense for the world.