Floating Gardens

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
Lead ArchitectPablo Osorio & Francisco Moure
Design Team Consulting: Marcelyn Gow, Support: Maria Kuzminskaia
Project Videohttp://

This project originates from the basic believe that urban gardens can have the capacity of showcasing nature and man-made structures at its best. This garden is meant to let nature inspire people the same way a painting would inspire an inquisitive mind. The project is named Floating Gardens. It is a dynamic monitored and controlled environment for the temporary treatment, care, or/and growth of endangered plants species. It demonstrates the power and beauty of nature living and thriving in an optimal and caring man-made environment. It uses highly innovative greenhouse systems that are also educational. The garden elevates its plants over the ground and it presents its precious vegetation to people in a new way. As they approach the vertical garden from the Los Angeles Historic State Park, they see it almost floating in the air. The plants gradually reveal more of themselves. Plants expose their roots growing naked the same way they expose their leaves. Towers composed of densely exposed nets collect moisture from the air through water condensation from the environment. Aeroponic systems spray the water solution directly to feed the plants’ roots. It is a spectacle for people to experience. People walk under transparent structures holding plants above them, and bridges that support plants growing on top of them. They learn about the reasons why these plants are dying and how we can take care of them. Plants may be completely enclosed in glass structures, semi-enclosed, or completely exposed to the environment depending on their particular needs. All plants are relocated or replanted after they have been treated at the Floating Gardens facility. The garden is playful, educational, and dynamic. It is an urban garden within the Los Angeles State Historic Park where plants, man-made structures, and advanced greenhouse systems come together to reconnect people with nature.