Power Bollard

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Project locationTaipei city, Taiwan
University/SchoolNational Taipei University of Education
Lead ArchitectKai-Chieh Hsueh, Prof. Kai-Chu Li
Design TeamKai-Chieh Hsueh, Yu-Ting Chen, Hsun-Yu Chang, Zhong-Wei Lin, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

The function of Power Bollard is to anchor the vessel in port and generate electricity. Power Bollard, with the topic of environmental protection, wants to solve the problem of generating a large amount of greenhouse gasses when ships use diesel power to generate electricity. Power bollard uses the principles of solar energy and electromagnetic induction to generate electricity and provide energy for ships after docking. The structure of power bollard adopts a magnetic stainless steel solid body, which can increase stability, oxidation resistance and ensure the safety of the ship.