PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationSapporo, Japan
CompanyNa Nakayama Architects
Lead ArchitectMakoto Nakayama
Design Team Hirofumi Kondo
ClientShouya P.T.Grigg
Project Videohttp://

The meaning of ZABO is “stare at the heart where free of all thoughts and desires” or “stillness sit and quiet a heart, forget the current situation where you are”. ZABORIN is the Ryokan located in the middle of forest. It has 15 rooms and surrounded with nature forest, it also has pond with spring water. You are able to have Yotei view and enjoy the Niseko nature where have best powder snow in the world. The snowy landscape here is particular different, the building coexists with a variety of scenery throughout the year. Each room is individual and connects with a corridor to secure its own privacy. With one sentence to describe this building is commune with nature. The view is totally different from each room and you are able to enjoy its own beauty. Spatially, it is the most luxurious one-story house and has two courtyards for each room. Also, the high ceiling and low ceiling of each room mix in a good balance. ZABORIN cannot be traditional Kyoto design. If do this design in Hokkaido, it will not match the climate, space becomes superficial and full of artificiality. I totally understand it able to make Kyoto space by using the Japanese material abundantly. But I think ZABORIN need to bring more Japanese spirit/soul, and have to express the meaning “SPIRIT” from Buddhist terminology “ZABO”. I really think there is “SOMETHING” in the “ZABORIN”, something that Japan and Japanese forgot already. And this “SOMETHING” is beyond description. I wanted to create the Japanese beauty with space and free of all thoughts. Furthermore, I intended to make space with high level and character. I also want people to feel “alive” in here. Also feel the profound and quiet elegance world.