PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationSapporo, Japan
CompanyNa Nakayama Architects
Lead ArchitectMakoto Nakayama
Design Team Mayuko Fujita
ClientMakoto Nakayama

I always wondering that, does an individual architecture can be more delicate and slimly? Can architecture be freely from restraint of structure? Can I feel the sunlight filtering through foliage just like I stand in the forest? Am I able to convert the material such as books and documents into the architecture? This architecture was the result of above questions, and “Slim”, “Small”, “Thin” are the spirit of it. The iron materials that composed the bookshelves around can stand strong seismic force and wind pressure. The nine 60mm□ pillars in the central of building can carry snow and vertical load. Iron plates (back of the bookshelves) instead of braces, that covers whole building. Because of these, the windows can be opened freely and the corners will not fill up with big pillars. Rust on the back plate just like Japanese painting, and thin pillar is like Japanese traditional architectural style “Sukiya”. The feature of Japanese historic architecture “unobtrusive rhythm” is also being viewed in this building. The beauty and the character make us sense of ease.