Kitchenhouse Fukuoka Showroom

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationIwakuni, Japan
CompanyKubota Architect Atelier
Lead ArchitectKatsufumi Kubota
Design Team Kazuya Toizaki,Kazusa Kubota,Ichiki Ushirodani
ClientTJM design

The client is the kitchen products company and this building is mainly for their show space. The site has very irregular shaped so that two of four sides of the site touching the circumference have conceived the vertical interval about 6 meter, and also it is not possible to build a construction in new parking lot. While going up the slope from the street as the only approach to the site one day, I noticed that there was a shrine in small woods beyond a site. On the basis of the architectural concept not interrupting the axis line to this shrine, on 1st and 2nd floor level, outside open space is provided on the axis line, and the entrance hall and the event hall are installed on right and left divided from that open space. In the show space on 3rd and 4th floor, many kitchens are installed so that many customers visit and look around for these products. The only two sheets of the white slab folded create the whole space of more than 1,700 square meters. It was planned that using the loose and soft curved surfaces along the boundary of the property and the sky line make their internal and external boundaries separating the space ambiguous. The reflections of the light by a white large curved surface of walls or ceilings make the entire space filled with a sickly white light to where. Then, the space full of that soft light gets rid of the shade from space and the gravity from actual condition, and leads concreteness to abstraction. The mind bound with the existing consciousness is unraveled gently by the power of anything to abstraction. Then, that invites to the free consciousness spreading infinitely, and the heart soars freely to where with the wings flying off in front.