PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyNRC architecture & design office Co.,Ltd.
Lead ArchitectHajime Tsuruta
Design Team Yukie Aibara

The building we designed is located in the South part of Japan, a complex commercial facility which includes a gaming facility. As a matter of fact, the gaming facility is very traditional and a special space for social interaction especially in this rural areas of Japan. It is common for other establishments to exist within the same facility such as a lounge, cafe, reading space, etc. While this kind of unique facility does not exist in other countries, it is similar to a rural European casino. Japanese gaming facilities are so characteristic that the luxury apparel brand GUCCI included imagery of it in their recent commercial advertisements. In addition, these facilities represent one of the most coolest aspects of Japan and are often displayed in exhibition holds in many countries lately. We make layouts of 232 sets of wings made of aluminum molding formed in rows on the wall in rows. On top of each row of wings, there is a light that illuminates each wing. Also, there are indirect light on the back side from the bottom of each wing. With this lighting technique, it makes the wings float into the sky. This wing is the corporate image of ZEN which operated the gaming facility in the Shikoku prefecture. There is a wide road in front of the site which is utilized by many cars each day. The continuous wing design aims to create a subliminal effect to whom pass by. This technique succeeds in creating company’s clean image rather than paying expensive advertisement fee for TV commercials. The feature of the façade are modern by using glasses and aluminums, however we emphasis an impression that is uniquely Japanese.