PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationAlmaty, Kazakhstan
CompanyINK Architects
Lead ArchitectMadina Mamriyeva
Design TeamRuslan Saginbayev, Edil Alimbekov, Leonid Pyagay, Yevgeniy Shnaider

INK Architects has developed the conceptual design for a main bank branch with data processing center and vault. The proposed location is near EXPO 2017, an international exhibition in the rapidly developing city of Astana. The choice of Orynbor Street, one of the city’s main roads, was dictated by Astana’s emergence as a hub of progress. As a gateway to the thriving capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Orynbor connects the city’s political and financial centers. The master plan takes into account the proposed building’s multi-functionality. Visitor flow, bank office employees, technical staff, and armored truck service crew are strictly separate. The structure of the complex is divided into a public area accessible to visitors and a closed service area. The two zones are connected at the lower floors and by a number of sky-bridges on the upper floors. The architectural shape reflects the singular concept of development and highlights the emphasis on urban planning in Astana’s metropolitan structure. Work offices feature panoramic windows. A curtain wall façade brings in natural light and underscores the building’s functional purpose. The building boasts its own eco-structure in the center of a modern metropolis. Effective planning permits workspaces to be transformed in any way, for any purpose. The master plan and 3-D visualizations take into account surrounding buildings, functional zoning, compliance with sanitary and fire regulations, in accordance with standard requirements. Commercial areas will be adjacent to administrative premises. The basement will include an underground garage, service and technical facilities. The garage will provide 567 spaces to ensure sufficient parking for staff and visitors. Lawns, shrubs, and flower beds as landscaping elements will add small architectural shapes. A full range of activities is provided for handicapped individuals, designed to meet their needs, allowing for unrestricted movement and vitality.