Brooklyn Townhouse

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyGunn Landscape Architecture
Lead ArchitectLauren Pucciarelli
Project Videohttp://

Gunn Landscape Architecture was tasked with transforming two small raw exterior spaces in a charming Brooklyn brownstone into a beautiful tranquil garden and dining area, and a social hub rooftop terrace and bar. Situated on a leafy block in a landmark district, these bijoux outside spaces were designed to become an extension of the contemporary interior areas. The 350 sq ft rooftop is an urban oasis for the homeowners - an outside lounge for socializing - complete with a fully- stocked bar, refrigerator, and ice-maker. Bespoke clear cedar plant troughs designed for the space according to the landmark height speci cations, are lled with meadow-like plantings which provide a vegetation shield from the city, with the cityscape vistas peeking over the top. Punctuated with accents of gray and royal blue which draw inspiration from the surrounding rooms the transition from the indoors to the outdoors feels seamless and welcoming. Light terracota pots lled with seasonal plantings of white hydrangea and lagerstromia indica compliment the surrounding brick walls. The rear garden at 578 sq ft employs a creative use of space with an outside dining space and eldstone pathways that lead to a secret barbecue area at the rear. With wide open views through screen doors and matching stone ooring that transitions perfectly from the interior and exterior spaces, the inside and out- side spheres appear to merge, giving a greater impression of spaciousness and adding to the relaxing feel of the area. Mirroring features from the interior Gunn Landscape Architecture wove in a series of pathways around in-ground planting beds bursting with woodland varieties of plants. Framed by clear cedar wood horizontal fencing the area feels spacious, inviting, and cozy. Dogwood trees bloom in the spring, oakleaf hydrangea, iris and geranium owers in the summer, and a mix of shade tolerant plants provide a