[Timetable Design - COFFEEOLOGY Coffee Shop in Huacheng Square - COVER IMG] Design Firm: Timetable Design

COFFEEOLOGY Coffee Shop in Huacheng Square

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationGuangzhou, China
CompanyTimetable Design
Lead ArchitectAndy Ng, Tsang Hing Ho
Design TeamTimetable Design
ClientGuangzhou City Construction Investment Group, Zhujiang New Town Branch

COFFEEOLOGY is located in Huacheng Square in Guangzhou CBD Central Park. It is about 152 square meters. From the space design to the furniture layout, all the designs are based on the concept of nature, simplicity and humanism. The design echoes the concept of COFFEEOLOGY, and creates an immersive scene for customers. Based on the surrounding environment and the brand concept, the design team broke the so-called conventional border and established a new space shape. As a result, the final decision is to build a “cabin“ in the bustling CBD downtown through glass windows and wooden structures.