Reopening The Historic Centre of Rio De Janeiro to Guanabara Bay

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
CompanyAb Riera Arquitectes Associats, Slp
ClientConsorcio PortoNovo and CDURP (Companhia de Desenvolvimento Urbano da Região do Porto do Rio de Janeiro)

In a unique historical context, the city of Rio de Janeiro is making the most of its Olympic opportunity to revitalize itself and offer new scenarios in a strategic zone located between the city centre and the port. We talked about a great scale operation that aims to resolve, not only intrinsic problems caused by degradation, but also used them as a pretext to create a new reference area for both the city and the rest of the metropolis and the State and the country. MAUÁ SQUARE: A new CULTURAL AGORA for relations between the city Centre and the sea In this regard, the Maua square becomes a new pole of attraction, not only for the neighbors of the bordering district, but also for anyone who wants to rediscover the centre of Rio de Janeiro, as after many years it is recovering the relation between the historical city and the Guanabara Bay, creating a new cultural agora in the following way: 1. Reclaiming the outline of the original square 2. Creating a large central void with a triple purpose: -          Hosting and organizing the large amount of new flows that will be generated in the square -          Releasing the visual relationship between the user and the cultural and historical buildings that provide its outline -          Allowing the organization of other cultural and leisure events which the city council usually set in large open spaces.  3. Relocating the monument to Baron of Mauá as a visual landmark of the three large main circulation axes: Boulevard Conde, Avenida Rio Branco and Paseo Maritimo 1º Distrito Naval. 4. Boosting a new historic and cultural hub and creating new relational areas between the citizen and his historic city. -          Museu de Arte do Rio foyer. -          Baron of Mauá stands: meeting point - lookout point. -          The bay viewpoint: a new relation space between the Bay and the Museu d’Amanha.