Japanese Rock Garden Illuminations

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyRbaba, Inc
Lead ArchitectRyuji Baba
Design Team

Renovations for the 2nd, 3rd floors & rooftops of houses intended for guest lodging services like Airbnb. Brand Concept: “To live in a high-class ryokan, charter Japanese rock garden illuminations” Airbnb Concept: We created, with 3 points, "Japanese Modern", which feels of true "NIPPON", taking into account the concepts of "Travel to Live" and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic concept "Cool Japan". 1. “Event Feel”: Illuminations for traditional dry landscapes and rock gardens for experiencing Japanese “Zen Culture” 2. “Originality”: For the interior design of walls, beams, pillars, & tatami floors, we composed an fresh, original three-color color scheme similar to high-class ryokan hotels. 3. “Comfortability”: With “Japanese Modern” style, we use interior planning which will make your foreign guests feel at ease. After renovating old properties into high- class ryokans, by using them through guest lodging services, we can help contribute a solution to the problem of empty houses and hotel shortages.