[Yod Group - Buddha-Bar New York - COVER IMG] photo Andriy Bezuglov

Buddha-Bar New York

Firm LocationKyiv, Ukraine
Project locationNew York, USA
CompanyYod Group
Lead ArchitectVolodymyr Nepyivoda, Dmytro Bonesko
Design TeamMaxym Netreba, Serhiy Andriyenko, Ilya Nepravda

Buddha-Bar New York is a two-story restaurant featuring Asian cuisine based in Manhattan. The main idea of the project is reincarnation. We expressed it in the rebirth of materials, space, and the big brand that history had begun from the opening of the first Buddha Bar in Paris back in 1996. We placed a 15-foot-high glass statue of Buddha next to the entrance of the most spacious hall. Our Buddha is a parametric sculpture from almost 1000 flat elements. The interior in grays, browns, and blues colors blends modern design with the original vibe of the beginning of ХХ century building.