PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
Lead ArchitectSteve Lee + Meredith Sattler
Design TeamSteve Lee Meredith Sattler
ClientLerata + Arts Brookfield

Lumibolic is an interactive art installation which responds to sound and motion. Created out of 1,200 meters of electro luminescent wire and shaped from hyperbolic paraboloid geometries, it’s luminous surfaces visualize sound and motion within its surrounding environment through dynamic lighting patterns. From specific angles these lines may appear to cross through others, or appear more vibrantly as a result of optical illusions such as White’s, Haze, and Criss-Cross. Motion and sound sensors, positioned at strategic spatial positions, are choreographed to trigger crescendoing levels of dynamic lighting effects. When linked with musical performances, the light levels within the piece vibrate in patterns responding to fluctuating sound volumes. Located at concourse level of Bank of America Plaza in downtown Los Angeles, the installation was exhibited from Feb 11th~ March 18th in 2016 as part of the LA Skyline 2016. The site was a public plaza with heavy foot traffic and public activities, and the challenge was to create an immersive sound & motion experience within the 5000$ budget. In order to reduce installation time and site delivery cost, each piece was prefabricated with custom 3d printed joints and unitized pipes which could be easily assembled on site. Visitors were allowed to play their favorite music and dance along with the installation addition to the four interactive live sessions performed by musicians and DJs. Lumibolic creates an interactive space-time experience utilizing visual and optical illusions inspired by Op-Artists such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. By linking motion and sound through modulating lighting effects that produce dynamic visual vibration, the installation creates relationships between site and visitor. The installation utilizes low electricity EL wire as its light source with a suite of sensors. These EL wires are strung within rationalized and rotated half- hyperbolic paraboloid surface frames that blur boundaries between exterior and interior.