Hui | Origin of Everything

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectHE Xiao-Ping, LI Xing-Lin
Design Team YU Guo-Neng, LIANG Yi-Hui, LV Zhuo-Ming, CAI Tie-Lei (C.DD)

This is an architectural installation containing the emotion to the hometown and the thinking to trace to the source of our modern society. It is a cube of 3m*3m*3m, when look at the cross section of the whole space from above, the two squares created by bamboo wall and exterior wall together form the Chinese character “Hui”, which symbolizes “return to the origin”. A one-way path which allows passage of only one person is built, from which visitors could come into this space alone through a narrow entrance. With the company of mysterious background music and illusive light and shadow, while visitors walking slowly and circle the space, looking through the gaps between the bamboos, semi-finished Chinese Southern lion and Chinese leather drum placed in the centre could be seen; it is like a journey from outside to inside, both of your inner self and the environment. In terms of sense of spatial level , from the external environment, the steel plate material of the façade, to the bamboo of the inner wall, and then to the traditional prototype which enclosed by bamboo; it is an experiencing process from modern to ancient and from new to old. This installation invites visitors to travel in a wonderful way. It aims at expressing the fact that human try to regain the most primitive origin of life during the process of exploring technology and tracing back to the source of everything.