[Alan Power Architects Ltd - 16 Uxbridge Street, Notting Hill - COVER IMG] The view from the entrance. Photo by Hufton and Crow

16 Uxbridge Street, Notting Hill

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Project locationLondon, England
CompanyAlan Power Architects Ltd
ClientDavid Hosein and Elaine Donaldson

This project re-models a 107 sqm GIA three storey terraced house in Notting Hill. The client, a couple who are bibliophiles, have lived in the house for 20 years. We converted the house for them when they first bought it. Wanting to stay in the house, they decided to re-model it, to reflect their changed requirements, with the benefit of the familiarity of twenty years habitation, knowing which areas of the house worked, and which didn’t. This was a huge pleasure for us, to work with design orientated clients with so much experience of the house, to reinterpret their needs.