PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Location, Mexico
CompanyRdlp Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectRodrigo de la Peña Larralde
Design TeamRamón Alvite, Manuel Arroyo
ClientPrivate Client

The house is located in the municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia. This location allows the user to have direct views of the city center, with an amazing panorama. The site originally had a 45% slope, so a great leveling process needed to be done in order to reach the required distribution scheme submitted by the clients. To solve this problem, driveway below the level of the pedestrian entrance was defined; the outside door is framed by a platform that serves as a reference point and as a welcoming gesture. The project’s idea was to design a volume that only took place down and backward, strategically taking advantage of the original levels, affecting them as little as possible. To access the residence it was decided to create a unique transition through an exterior corridor leading to the roof terrace, which serves as a viewing platform that overlooks the spectacular panorama we have of the city and its mountains. From this point, it descends to the gateway through a metal staircase built in a large central volume of brick that houses a parallel inner main staircase. The staircase becomes the guiding design element, organizing the interior distribution and serving as vertical connection. The house is arranged along center aisle parallel to the stairs. This corridor is repeated on each of the 4 levels respectively in descending order, which allows for a continuous flow without entering the most private and sensitive areas of the house, beginning at street level and main entrance, the social area, the family area and finally the playroom and garden. The social area introduces a living room and a dining room, where the main materials are gray marble Santo Tomas for the floor, exposed concrete walls and a wooden panel for false ceilings.