Cascade of Lights

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationTaipei City, Taiwan
CompanyS.L. Space Design Studio
Lead Architectsteph Lee
Design Team steph Lee
Project Videohttp://

Refine the details of light through the opening of building, the light is extending, penetrating, lightly flowing in the room, and resonances with the nature. The enlightened moving line guides our vision, brews and transforms the emotion; discover the different levels humanities touch in life... Light, defines the new meaning of house to live. The house is located in Tien Mu distinct in Taipei. The design was taking place during the pre-built phase. The interior space is about 330 square meter with elongated structure, long corridors, and a large terrace, therefore the layout must be carefully considered. In addition, the line structure of interior window was also complicated; in order to narrow the space for light interaction, the concept of green house was adapted, the function and line was designed by using different materials, to form an open space with delightful living landscape. All functions were designed to hide between the wall lines in the corridor, leaving the simple and pure background. The light atmosphere at night creates a quiet and unique environment in the corridor, which touches our inner desires. All the colors, proportions, material details were designed by the designer with full authority due to the good interaction between the owner and designer. The whole case design was completed with integrity with high quality and value. "A container of sunshine delivers the concept of green energy." By adapting the creative concept of sunshine container, a large ground glass and the setback design of floor, successfully delivered plenty of light and green view to the indoor environment. The green energy concept contributed to form a comfortable living space, the extending lines within the space connected the relationship between people and nature, the space was no longer stiff, rigid and cold.