Less Is A Bore

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationNew Taipei City, Taiwan
CompanyMushi Interior Design Company
Lead ArchitectAnita Huang
ClientLaurence Lai

Overlaying and piling of fascination, hiding the cupboard within the floor and facade style! Inherited American architect Robert Venturi’s proposition "less is a bore", advocating that structure of the building should correspond to the cultural attitude, establishing a new aesthetics and entertainment. Subverting old-fashion structure, the living room that is the audio - visual, bath space! The specially jacuzzi bathtub by large window was planed as a main theme of the living room, and this design would gradually release the pressure from work and is hugely different from the traditional furniture arrangement. In order to maintain the original height of the space, beams were covered by the solid wood, becoming hidden boundary with storage function. Omitting excessive handling, the original condition of the medium was reserved, conveying the renewal concept of the material, along with the sun shine, external environment echoing the true feelings in harmony with the nature. The life style and environment could be transformed into more friendly way to Earth and people. Design, breaking the boundaries of enclosed living areas, emphasizing the "sharing" concept. Upper and lower floors of residential area are introduced with a leisure pace, the tone for the whole room in the a genteel, natural atmosphere. The function varies with different needs and conditions of the area. The housing and utility functions have been achieved, the design aesthetics can be adopted to the extension of the simple beauty of quality, as well as providing fun for everyday life. Breaking down the barriers of existing indoor pattern, adopted the view from the aspect of humanities, life individuality, duplex multiple considerations, the design with lines, facade, overlapping, via the solid wood mediums features and expressions, to pay the intimacy of devout attitude to the nature, so that the space is more copious and vibrant.