One to Three

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
CompanyCreate + Think Design Studio
Lead ArchitectArthur Ho
Design TeamDesigner:Nicole Chang Site Supervisor:Ying Chou
ClientMr. Liu
Project Videohttp://

Relaxation: Lounging in front of the cabinet structure and facing out toward the glass doors, this space of relaxation is encased, like a box full of surprises, by concrete ceiling and floor. It is a place of exuberance where the host, with his friends and family, can enjoy exquisite food and fine wine. This concrete box reflects and records the moments of living. Sleep: The media center cleverly separates the bed and closet in the master bedroom. Wood element fuses the bathroom with the sleeping area, yet the clear glass subtly divides the different functionalities. The combination of classic footing of the tub, rugged masonry counter, and the Roman X desk legs creates an aura of Tuscan villa. Culinary: The culinary area is as pristine as the kitchen of a three-star Michelin restaurant, further enhanced with an oval table made from solid wood and a wine cellar containing the owner¨s immaculate wine collection. When the owner hosts a party, sumptuous banquets and luscious wines flow from here into the concrete box.