Bloomberg Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyHariri Pontarini Architects
Lead ArchitectSiamak Hariri
Project Videohttp://

The Bloomberg Residence is designed to appear carved from a single piece of stone. Nestled among deep-rooted trees, its scale and massing presents a private face to the street-front, then opens up to create a large courtyard garden at the back. The two-storey home is conceptualized as two intersecting L-shaped volumes, creating an entry forecourt and a larger rear court. This approach maximizes light and enables continuity between interior and exterior spaces. Though it is a large home, the open space created by the front courtyard pushes the façade back, thereby diminishing its visual presence on the street. Vertical fins of Algonquin, crust-faced limestone ground the heavy massing of the second floor, thus reinforcing the sculptural quality of the façade. Conversely, the back of the house is defined by expanses of glass which express the rear courtyard and gardens as an extension of the home. Internally, a feature stair and large, open living room area becomes the active centre of the house while the extremities of the L- shaped configuration become the private realm for the occupants: the front contains a private office below and guest bedrooms above, while the back contains the kitchen below and the master suite above. The interior design is a continuation of the exterior language of the home. Limestone, oak and marble adds to the sculpted look, while ebony and bronze accents add to its earthiness. Horizontal reveals along the length of the walls; the solid stone sculpted handrail of the stair; the full-height oak doors; all reinforce the seamless appearance within the interior that extents to the façade. Sustainable practices are integrated into the home via geothermal energy and high performance materials. Craftsmanship and attention to detail give the home a grounded, quiet elegance.