Chinese Ink Painting

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectKris Lin

【Feng Shui】——In China, People like Fengshui because it has good effects on health. Fengshui means Natural which combined together the people and nature. Three elements of nature that is sunlight, air and water are used in the interior space. The original building is a narrow and long layout and there is an exterior atrium. First of all, glass skylight is designed above the atrium and removes the wall which allows the exterior atrium to be interior atrium. [sunlight]——the warm sunlight enter every corner of the interior space down to the basement through glass skylight. [air]——It might because of the geographical climate, Chinese people attach great importance to the ventilation from south to north of the building. If the wall of the atrium is removed, the air circulated wall and realize ventilation from south to the north. [water]——a pool of silence is designed at the atrium of the first floor, it looks still but actually it is flowing. A cave is dug and the water flows to the SPA pool at the basement. A water curtain is formed in SPA pool. The pool at the first floor and the SPA pool at basement is an integrated circulating system and the flowing water means life in endless succession. 【Chinese Ink Painting】——Chinese Ink Painting represents the art of Chinese painting.In this project, we want to apply painting techniques into the interior design. [There is mountain afar and lake around] ——Travertine is adopted on the wall extending from living room into atrium which represents the mountain afar in the painting and the pool at the first floor represents the lake around in the painting. [Lotus]——We asked a artist to paint lotus on the wall and ceiling in the main bedroom which has a strong sense of art.