White Void

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
Lead ArchitectYoshitaka Uchino
Design Team Mana Muraki/YDS Architects Tadasu Abe/Myu Structural Engineer
Project Videohttp://

This house is situated in a town surrounded by mountains. The image was shining white box in which they would live feeling the transition of light and shadow while letting go of their mind. Inserting an outer terrace into the white box to bring nature to the inner spaces,we intended to design spaces where they would feel natures such as light,wind, and rain. Light from the terrace would go through rooms in the 2nd floor and living room in the 1st floor via T-shaped void. Top light and light from the terrace crushed by the walls would pour into the living room. These light would express transitional beauty. Stair would become a tower of light taking light from the terrace. T-shaped void would induce ventilation of air and heat.Putting the terrace between rooms for children and corridors make these spaces have migratory. In this space with migratory children would run around and they would grow happily feeling nature. Blending the house in the environment nearby with nature was my image.The thin white plate of garage floating besides the white box was my main image.To make this image come true, the column of the roof are a pair of thin steel poles.Residents could see 'one’s own sky' through the slit of the white volume from the terrace and the living room in the 1st floor. Also people see the framed sky from outside, so that this house stands mildly in the city. The distinctive form consist of white volume, floating white plate, and framed sky would serve as a comfortable part of the scenary. Nature and the architecture stimulating with each other, interior spaces of expand to infinity. This is a house like a small universe where they would feel various spatial experiences and enjoy living with nature.