Stella Voyage

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Locationsheung wan, Hong Kong
CompanyOft Interiors Ltd.
Lead ArchitectCM Jao & Ken Cheung
Design TeamKen Cheung Shanny Cheung
ClientStellar International Cineplex
Project Videohttp://

Welcome aboard to this spacecraft that brings different kinds of experience. In order to bring out the sentiment of space travel, marbles with sharp and clear black and white tones are applied at the ticket box lobby and reassembled futuristic cyber images; in addition with a series of grilles features and light troughs on ceiling, here comes the presence of being on board of a spaceship. The closer customers getting to theatres, the higher ratio of black materials are applied in the interior, finally it becomes totally grey and black theme inside theatres; the geometric blocks features with wall lights are informing audiences that their trip to the universe has begun.