Casa Pe

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationGuadalajara, Mexico
CompanyAndres Escobar Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectAndrés Escobar
Design TeamSergio Romo Enrique Partida
Project Videohttp://

The PE house Project was born from the idea of two families sharing one same “home” that could be able to host all of the family members and at the same time, feature private spaces for each family and in the other hand, share the social spaces. This family residence is located on a one hectare land space inside the forest of Tapalpa’s mountain range in the state of Jalisco, México. The house’s orientation lets the framing of majestic views of the southwest landscape, featuring the mountains of a great natural forest reserve. The terrain’s topography and the large amount of trees within it, made the architectural tracing an important challenge, one of the main objectives was to preserve every single tree and adapting the house naturally to the slope of the land, therefore the rooms’ area, located in the upper floor, as well as the social areas have access to the gardens. The residence is structured and distributed in two bodies, The main house and a little pavilion for visitors. The ground floor features a limestone covering which, over time, has acquired different colors and textures; this rock supports an iron structure which, at the same time, supports the upper level that is made completely out of bricks without any added structural elements. The color given to the brick walls is the exact same color of the roofing slate, which are made of pine wood, the rock was brought from the Galician coast in Spain. The decision of using a Spanish rock is funded on a thermic matter, taking advantage from the material and color, the walls strive to capture as much heat as possible from its exposure to the sun, since the house doesn’t receive that much direct sunlight.