Street House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationSharq, Kuwait
CompanyMassive Order
Lead ArchitectMuhannad Al-Baqshi
Design TeamReem Al-Humaidan
Project Videohttp://

Street House is located on a 16m wide and 25m deep lot between two streets in a new suburb in Kuwait City. The idea is to build a house with an internal street/courtyard that spans between the main street and the service road at the back. This internal street splits the house into two masses; hence the program is divided into two: living and services. The living room and bedrooms on one side and the services and vertical circulation on the other connected via the internal street. The living mass is divided in section into a 6m high ground floor and a 3m high second floor (3 bed room apartment); while, the service mass is divided into a 3m high ground floor and a 6m high second floor that houses the great reception room. This section reversal can be clearly read in the main elevation where the living space and great reception rooms are highlighted with large carefully orchestrated windows.