Midwest Inland Port Financial Town

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
CompanyHallucinate Design Office
Lead ArchitectMr. Wenliang Wang
Project Videohttp://

The interiors are unconventionally designed in an open and tranquil style to underline the importance of the project as the first platform in Midwest China to fill the gap of continuous transactions of the actuals and highlight its endorsement of modern trading. A moderate approach was adopted throughout the overall logic of design as well as the selection of materials and functional elements in order to create a lasting visual appeal and enhance the completeness of this comprehensive project. The completed design features a perfect combination of the luminous roof and the large-gridded digital walls that blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination, modern technology and the architecture itself, creating a surreal ambiance for visitors to visualize future possibilities and technological advancements. The design also demonstrates Maike's corporate value of pursuing a better future and the project’s essence as a strikingly admirable endeavor. A steady and gentle interior lighting is achieved by adopting an outdoor illumination plan, casting the light through the three black metal pillars of different heights to the ceiling of the lobby and forming a diffuse reflection through the geodesic dome. The interior walls are covered with grids formed by tailor-made extruded aluminum sections of special dimensions melded with LED P60 electronic display units and sealed with a translucent resin coating to soften the brightness of the information display on the grids. The grids with information display have formed a new structure and interior façade. The linear sections are complex enough to hide the display units from our sight and greatly reduce the excessive sound reflection in the lobby, impressing visitors with a vision of the future technology.