[SALONE DEL SALON - Yung Zing Tung Copper Culture Gallery - COVER IMG] Cui Ziyang,Sean

Yung Zing Tung Copper Culture Gallery

Firm Location, China
Project locationFoshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Lead ArchitectSalone
Design TeamZheng Weibang, Li Lingfeng
ClientXing Qi Group

Based upon Yung Zing Tung's core branding, it incorporates product demonstration, culture impression and brand image. With its vast openness and extreme simplicity, subjects on display grasp your attention at the first glance. Conformity and individuality interact with each other with harmony. The traffic flow design resembles an art festive, intertwined with dimensional copper elements. Traces of craftsmanship and aesthetic appreciation are made obviously by the language of space and display.