Torus Office

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationTORONTO, Canada
Companydkstudio architects inc.
Lead ArchitectDmytriy Pereklita
Design Team 1. Designer: dkstudio architects inc. Design Team: Dmytriy Pereklita (Principal in charge), Karen Mak (Project Manager), Tim Fang (Project Architect in Hong Kong), Matt Wong, Andrew Lau, Takyi Leung. 2. Artwork: Marc Bowditch 3. M&E consultant; Ferrier Chan & Partners, Hong Kong 4. Lighting Design: Suzanne Powadiuk Desing 5. Security: Chubb HK 5. Construction Team: ISG Asia Project Team: Mark Osborne (Director in Charge), Eric Wong (Director)

Torus Office is a 3,200 square feet privately held hedge fund firm located in the prestigious business district of Honkong. It is located in a dense stretch of 1960’s building, just a few streets north of Victoria Harbour, offering great potential to capitalize on scenic harbour views between various high-rise towers on the water’s edge. Distinct from the typical concept of office spaces, the brief called for an environment that was more akin to a luxury hotel or a gallery. The clarity of design intention led to the creation of spaces that were warm and engaging without an overly corporate atmosphere. All this was crafted without compromising on the functional and technical requirements of the Office