LK+RIGI Design Office

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectLiu Kai
Design Team RIGI Design team
ClientRIGI Design

As for the case, RIGI Design adopts the concept "complex simplicity, colorful monotone" as the definition for the new office. For the entrance reception areas, the designers use simple black lines and the hierarchy of the geometry to increase dimensional feelings. Besides, the installation of large transparent white glasses and white transparent film lamp, on the one hand satisfy the lighting requirements, and on the other hand display the brand image of the company. In order to eliminate the stereotype of normal meeting room, the ceiling is shaped as dome, moreover, in order to create relaxing atmosphere inside meeting room, the designers adopt interesting geometry design for the meeting table, wood material for the floor and white color as dominate hue. The present case is a creative park reconstructed from former garment factory, so the height of each floor is higher. Therefore, the designers intend to use transparent materials to transform parts of the ceiling so that to create a cozy and spacious office. Partial ceilings over the office are sectioned through weaving and stacking of blocks. In result, this irregular design increases the rhythm sensation of the space. Large scale of soft black gray felts are used to convey a feeling of intimacy which at the same time present rich texture layers compared with black and white wall. Meanwhile, the use of partition which is lightweight bookshelves with appropriate plants makes the office environment more relaxing, improve the comfort sensation of the space. The visual effects are strengthened by the use of graphic design elements and lighting design. This is the designers' room which is full of joy, annoyance for a period of time and days.