[GPI Design - Scotia Bridge Illuminated Art Wall - COVER IMG] Sierra Curtis

Scotia Bridge Illuminated Art Wall

Firm LocationWestlake, United States
CompanyGPI Design
Lead ArchitectWilkinsonEyre and Adamson Associates
Design TeamArtist: Nicolas Baier, Developer: Hines, Contractor: Ellis Don

This expansive 129’ long bridge in downtown Toronto, connecting the Scotiabank Arena and Union Station Bus Terminal in the CIBC SQUARE, features a striking illuminated art piece in its walls. Through fine engineering and meticulously tailored lighting and detailing, renowned artist Nicolas Baier’s vision comes to life with vivid illumination. A custom-designed and highly complex hidden structural system houses multiple layers of precisely machined acrylic panels with a mirror-finish back, creating the illusion of infinite movement and energy without detracting from the aesthetic.