Library of Lixia District

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Project locationJinan, Shandong Province, China
CompanyVantree Design
Lead ArchitectMuchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Shangzhao Yang
Design TeamZhongning Zhang, Guanbao Ye, Yanxin, Ruobing Hou, Lanting Li
ClientJinan Lixia Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The library is located in Lixia District of Jinan, Shandong Province, surrounded by cultural, educational and creative commercial resources. As one of the eight venues of the cultural and archives center, the library occupies the 2nd to 4th floors on the southwest side of the center. As a very iconic urban cultural building, we hope to create a cultural center that gathers local residents. The library provides a place for residents to develop a good reading habit, and facilitates them to carry out various social, cultural, entertainment, and sports activities, and builds sharing community.